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Happy Pride Month🏳️‍🌈

Good morning ladies, gentlemen and non-binary friends!! ‼️I’m going to address issues regarding the lgbtq+ community if you feel uncomfortable regarding this topic, you can skip this post:)‼️ As most of you probably know June is know as the ‘Pride Month’ and for those of you who dont know pride refers to the queer or … Continue reading Happy Pride Month🏳️‍🌈

Tags and Awards🎊

Hey everyone hope you’re having the bestttt day! i’m Arwa @ the corner shop. I decided to overcome my procrastination and am doing awards and tags that I got nominated for!! THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD Thank you so much Poorwa for nominating me! She is really sweet and has an amazing blog which you definitely … Continue reading Tags and Awards🎊

Bonjour June🌦

Hey guys welcome, its Arwa @ the corner shop! I can’t believe its June already, and there’s just a month left for my birthdayyy🎊 May went by really quick and honestly it was a pretty good month! My holidays started in may and are going to end next week:// But these were one of the … Continue reading Bonjour June🌦


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