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over analysing

I was reading The Bell Jar by sylvia plath and i decided to look it up on good reads. there were thousands of ratings and reviews. the reviews however triggered me, this isnt the first time but when i look at reviews sometimes they talk about the book more than there is to the book. … Continue reading over analysing

R u sure?

when she told me, i couldnt think for a good minute. I kept saying the same thing, “are u sure?” and she looked me in the eye and patiently said yes everytime. i guess im not sure what hurt the most, the betrayal from her or his nonchalance. and then the tears came, first rolling … Continue reading R u sure?

Ice cream cart

we ran to catch the ice cream cart before it left. i always wondered why people own ice cream carts when ice cream parlours exist, maybe its because one day when two girls would be walking on a sunday morning, their crave for an ice cream might buy him a good night’s sleep. the irony … Continue reading Ice cream cart

Downward climb

Obsessively obsessing over my obsessive thoughts. Obsessive thoughts over such trivial issues that younger me would have laughed at my shallow ignorance for the things that actually matter. I think my downward spiral started again when i met him at the party, and then 4 days later and then almost every day after. I think … Continue reading Downward climb