Something Bookish🦋

hey its Arwa, welcome to the corner shop. I realised despite my dynamic love for books and literature, I haven’t done any bookish posts till now so letss goo

so I wasn’t completely sure what I would be doing because reviews aren’t exactly my thing but okayy

ps: book cover pictures are from good reads

1, What im reading,

Dear Martin (Dear Martin, #1)

im reading ‘Dear Martin’ by Nic Stone. quick history, I bought this book because I read another book of this ‘odd one out’ I loved his way of writing and am intrigued by the topic of discussion – racial inequality.

2, What I’ll read next

Big Little Lies

I’ve been keen on reading this book for a long time but I delayed it, waiting for the right moment hehe 😉 this book is about murder, and revolves around mothers. it is supposed to be a balance between murder and comedy. sounds fun already:)

3, What I read before ‘Dear Martin’

The Kite Runner

this book is the best one ive read so far and Im not kidding! usually I dislike rating books as it is often a tough decision, but I feel this is it, my favourite book so far! there are some books when you think and feel a change or something different when you finish the book. this book is one of them. it revolves around 2 young boys, one from a wealthy background, another not. it highlights their unbreakable bond and the truths they unravel as they grow up and the problems they face. this book is heavy with emotion and a must read for anyone who has an interest in books!

Bookish discussion!

of course this post doesn’t end here, I wanted to have this discussion for a long time,

Ebook vs print

kindles have really become a thing these days, with the prices cut lower than the paperback and availability of is much more easier, the collection diverse and kindle being compact and easier to carry around people surely prefer this bliss of a digital library. however the print media is suffering great losses, while many (*raises hand*) still prefers paperback and hardcover over the ebook for various reasons most common being the’ feel’ and the lack of awareness of online transactions etc. Eyesight is another problem (which implies to me here) despite kindle’s book like structure where it is not possible to read ebooks in the dark, it is advisable not to use kindle, many people argue about this but I chose not to take a risk 😉

What do you think?

BOOKS: boon or bane?

I know a few people would kill me if I this but I feel they are a bane too-


#1 I get very easily distracted and thereby im not able to *focus* on other work like studies and classes.

#2 excessive reading makes my head hurt and my eyes teary

#3 I become a couch potato 😉 I dont help in any work and prefer to sit and read in a corner (teehee)

#4 my posture is ruined, because I can’t keep in check my posture when read cause im usually ‘lost’ in the book.


I think you know it all, they are the best, they put my mind off something I dont want to think about, they help me, they entertain me, they take me to another world even though im actually stuck at home, they replace television for me most of the times and is much more better to the eye than television, they- I think you got the point though.

what do you think?

Anyway that was it thank you for reading ❤ if you liked this post, do like it and leave a comment! till we meet again ciao 😉

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You need a social media break and here’s why + awards!

hey its Arwa, welcome to the corner shop today we’re going to be talking about social media and why you need a break , this time FOR REAL!

why do you need a break?

#1 you feel anxiety when you’re not on social media, often when you or for that matter me feel anxiety of separation or missing out because you are not scrolling through posts or typing tweets. but do you actually realise that if you don’t scroll through posts or type tweets life isn’t going to stop, if you spend a little time on real life rather than online it wouldn’t kill:)

#2 you can’t put down the phone even when you’re with people, this has happened to me all the time. It was so difficult for me to put down my device as I believed social media was more fun. this led my friends and others around me too to think it was okay to scroll through their phone while having live company right near them. after my social media break I took it to keep my device aside and focus on my friends and guess what, its so much more fun!

#3 its the only thing on your mind, and you start comparing. it makes you feel insecure but its important to remember that everyone’s lives get messy despite how their feed looks like, upside downs are a part of life. and if any of these are a part of your lives then you DEFINITELY need a break!!

How is a social media break going to help you?

when you’re off social media you get to focus on other things like I got to focus on poetry (which you can read here ) you can focus on your hobbies, studies, friends etc. you can actually go down and interact with people and make new friends! It stops me from scrolling aimlessly, and I can use this time to be more productive. I can actually sleep earlier and wake up fresher as there are no distractions. Its almost like a burden has been lifted of your shoulders.


okay so today im going to be awards which I procrastinated about and never got about to do them 🙂


The Rules

  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (Click here to see the original post!!
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

First, thank you so much Addie @ shining star for the nomination please go do check out her blog! here are her questions:

1, If you could live on a different planet than Earth, which one would you live on? Why?

I think it would be Neptune, probably because it looks so beautiful from outside you know all swoon shades of blue! it would be like living in a mystical land haha

2, If you had one wish, what would it be for?

so if you don’t know already I have very high eye power and it makes it difficult for me to watch television or any sort of screen for a long time. so id probably want my power to reduce

3, What is one unique thing about yourself?

I think its probably that im approachable and easy to talk to:) I think I have fairly good communicative skills!

4, Would you rather own an island or a city?

of course an island! I live in the city so would love the former more! I love the idea of living in an island with water around! Islands are always a favourite of mine because im fond of water bodies I just love them hehe!

5, Would you rather become a musical artist or comedian?

ok that’s a tough one, so I think I prefer musical artist. because I recently read a book about music and its rich culture, heritage etc. and its so interesting, I would definitely want to be a part of that enriching history lol

6, What book have you read the most times through?

so I’m really fond of strong female characters in books like in the ‘Red Queen’ series so I have read it the most times through that is 3 (I usually despise re-reading books)

7, If you had to remove something from your life for a year, what would it be?

wow that’s interesting, id probably remove negativity from my life all year! it would make the year soo much better haha

Once again thank you Addie for the nomination and interesting questions, it was great fun answering them! now for my questions:

  1. if you had to read one book for the rest of your life which one would it be?
  2. would you rather be an author or a public speaker?
  3. who is your role model and why?
  4. what is one question you have the most difficulty in answering?
  5. what do you aspire to be in future?
  6. how do you think the world can be a better place?
  7. how would you define yourself in 3 words?

so these are my questions and I nominate,

Roshni @ Roshni’s random thoughts

Evin @ a curly sue’s rambling

Zainab @ Zainab chats

Shanessa @ my days in montana

Bookish thinker @ paper hearts


Lrose5 and evin @ out in the randomness

Maggie @ Maggie’s doodles


Esther @ Esther’s nook

okay so that is it and this post is getting a lil too long so bye,

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3 ultimate tips to start with decluttering✨

Hey it’s Arwa welcome back to the corner shop. Today I would like to talk about decluttering. I feel it is important to clear out all the junk that accumulates over the period of time. Give it a go I’m sure you’ll start loving the process (*experience*)

#1 Catergorize

for a smooth and easy decluttering experience it is important to segregate your stuff for example you can keep five boxes, keep, give away, trash, relocate. this may take a while but it makes your work easier when it comes to final arranging.

#2 Take your time

it is very important to take your time and do it slowly without a rush. this helps us to be more focused on what we are doing as there isnt a rush to clear out! when i started decluttering i was in a little rush to clear out things and that messed up certain sections and i ended up mixing the categories a little

#3 Go room by room and dont hesitate to take help!

like i said earlier break it down to make it easier. Do not take all of the rooms together that would just mix everything. Doing room by room also gives you a sense of accomplishment as the house looks cleaner and cleaner rather all messy at once! dont also forget to reach out to a friend, the process becomes easier and more fun with a friend it becomes something to look forward to!

why declutter?

while i finished writing the points i realized i forgot to tell you why decluttering is beneficial. So here’s why

There is less to clean and less to organize. decluttering makes it less stressful to look at your house free of mess 🙂

Anyway that was it thank you for reading ❤ if you liked this do like and leave a comment! till we meet again ciao 😉

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Kabini: Nature at its best :)

hey it’s Arwa welcome back to the corner shop! This post is going to be about my recent rendezvous to Kabini. For those of you who don’t know Kabini is a forest reserve kinda place in India specifically in Karnataka and a 5 hour drive from where I live.

Our impromptu journey consisting of 2 families including us and began at 6:30 am and our first stop was for breakfast of muffins, samosas and hot tea! the road trip was pleasant enough with perfect weather and time flew by 😉 We reached at 12 considering the breaks we took, and checked in to our hotel- The Serai

After a scrumptious lunch we opted for a safari hoping to see a big cat live but luck didn’t favour us. however its a thrill seeing a majestic tiger in front of you in a cage but the beauty of seeing it roaming freely is a whole new vibe. we however did see several spotted deer, Sambar and tuskers along with a few species of exquisite birds (pictures below)

we came back after sunset and then took turns taking a shower and prepared ourselves for dinner. After dinner we decided to take a walk around the property and digest the food.

the next day our parents planned a spa for themselves, my dad stayed back and took us for a kayak ride in the lake facing our room. It was a first time experience for me and I enjoyed myself among the cool water. After finishing our ride we decided to try our hands on several sports like table tennis, billiards, carrom etc.

Just then the parents came back from their relaxation session and we decided to have lunch once we reached our room and rested for a while. well, during that time my dad decided to try sitting on the hammock and as he covered his eyes to shield them from the sun he called upon my brother to swing him gently. My brother who was younger than me called his friends and they started pushing the hammock in a rather aggressive way id like to say and the result was that my father fell from the hammock actually let me rephrase it the hammock fell from its pole. The injury was somewhat serious as we decided to give him little rest and moved for lunch in solemnity!

after dinner we cycled around the property and then waited near the lake to view the sunset and it truly was magnificent as the colours merged and played with each other I was spellbound! we later had dinner and packed for the next day to leave.

Picture of the sunset

Anyway that was it thank you for reading ❤ if you liked this do like and leave a comment! till we meet again ciao 😉

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Is regret a good feeling and well, some other announcements

hey hey its Arwa welcome to the corner shop! so firstly I have a few announcements to make well nothing big ( did I crush your expectations?😂) but nonetheless they are important!!

I am going to announce my blogging schedule (*drumroll please) so I’m going to post weekly as In once every week and it’ll be on a WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY! Stay tuned for a new post every Wednesday!!!

next I would proudly like to announce that I have put my brain to good use and… my poems are published here so goo and check them out, more will be coming 😉 and let me know if you did, which one you liked the best

And finally I’m going to post a button swap page along with printables with every post ❤ !!! and that’s not it I am also planning to start blog help page or a blog designing page!!

Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on

Okay now without any delay lets go back to the topic:


Yes it is of course what were you thinking?!

#1 when you regret something you have done go through self assessment and self assessment brings acceptance of the situation.

#2 acceptance in turn brings remorse which allows us to make amends and apologise if needed.

#3 and if you remember how regret feels (it feels pretty bad let me tell you) then it will stop you from doing certain things that you may regret.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading ❤ if you found this helpful do like and leave a comment! till we meet again. CIAO! 😉

Change your mindset!

hey its Arwa! welcome to the corner shop 🙂 today we’re going to be talking about mindsets. When I first started researching about this I was overwhelmed with the information on the topic and most of it went above my head haha! but I’m going to break this down easy for you. There are two kinds of mindsets which I’ll be talking about: fixed mindset and growth mindset

Fixed Mindset is a kind which does not look forward to challenges. it is limiting and Is basically who we are and does not want to improve and run away from errors by not trying anything new. they ignore constructive criticism as they are afraid of failure. it destroys your ideas of creativity and responsibility because you feel you cannot handle it and you won’t be ready to handle it even if you can because your mindset if fixed and won’t budge!

Growth mindset is free you look forward to everything, you are eager to deal with situations and challenges not shy away from them. you accept constructive criticism and learn from it. endurance is natural when it comes to failures and setbacks and you are eager to learn new things! it means that you are open minded ,free spirited and do not always stick to plan

you probably have figured out which one is better, if you haven’t yet let me tell you its the growth mindset! now I want you to look and find out which one you are and chances are its not the latter (oops!) but obviously this is not it you can change from a fixed TO growth and from a growth to fixed mindset though I don’t recommend the latter 🙂


Photo by Thought Catalog on

#1 choose a different route:

instead of telling yourself that I cannot do it or that I’m not good enough try telling yourself I can do better or I just don’t know yet! try it you’ll already feel better. It all depends on how we interpret our problems. Another example I liked was instead of saying, “sorry I’m late” you can say “thank you for waiting”

#2 Make the best out of your failures:

there’s a famous quote:

I’ve almost lost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Michael Jordan

And I still haven’t completely figured out what this quote means but im relating it to the fact that he succeeded because he took advantage of his failures and learnt from them which is why I wanted to put this quote here!

#3 be comfortable with change:

be flexible with change and remember the instances where a fixed mindset stopped you from pursuing your dreams etc. for example, just today there was a balcony on the 23rd floor of our apartment which one abandoned and my friends and I went up to see the view, however I was hesitant because I was afraid and scared of the possibilities of challenge in going there and this prevented me from enjoying the view (weird example but okay..) what I’m trying to say is that we must not let this mindset of ours ruin us from having a good time but as you keep count of all the instances where this has affected you, improve on that an work on it I’m sure you’ll be able to become more open minded!

That’s all for today, thank you for reading ❤ if you found this helpful do like and leave a comment! till we meet again. CIAO! 😉

Acceptance: A beautiful virtue💫

Heyy!! its Arwa, welcome or welcome back if you’re new! I know its been long but anyway today’s post is going to be about acceptance.

Acceptance is an important virtue that we must carry with us forever! It is important to accept not only different challenges of life but also YOURSELF

Accept failures, you may have often heard not to give up even if you’re faced with the worst of situations.  That is absolutely right as your failures shape you into a better person and make you into what you define a ‘better version of yourself’ 

Accept negativity, Mark Manson in his book says ‘don’t try’ and that ‘a desire for a more positive experience in itself is a negative experience and paradoxically the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience’ let me give you a moment to process this.. what he’s trying to say here is that don’t try because when you want a more positive experience you are in a negative state of mind and that means you are in DENIAL. That’s why it is important to accept negativity as that itself allows you to accept, process and move on 😁

Accept yourself, accepting failures and negativity would be completely pointless if you do not accept yourself! However how difficult is it to accept your divine bodies who tirelessly to create miracles of kinds. Accept your flaws as that’s what makes you unique remember if we all looked the same it wouldn’t make us, ‘US’! 

That’s all for today, thank you for reading ❤ if you found this helpful do like and leave a comment! till we meet again. CIAO! 😉

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Criticism- all you should know

hello there i’m Arwa I started blogging on wix but have now moved to WordPress. To know more about me head to my ‘about me’ page!

Today we’re going to talk about criticism most of us find it difficult to take and give criticism, me included! let me give you. a brief on the topic:

What is criticism?

Criticism is basically highlighting the faults of a situation, place, person etc. they are known to challenge your ability etc by intimidating you.

Is criticism bad?

No criticism isn’t bad. it is difficult to accept criticism and that is always a quality in people-‘how well they take criticism’. Taking criticism is difficult to accept and acknowledge. Criticism is often important and useful as it highlights our drawbacks etc but there our different kinds of criticism- Constructive criticism and destructive criticism .

Constructive criticism:

constructive criticism is used to make improvements on a specific person or thing. it is in delivered in a positive light. For example at a workplace your employees can understand better of your expectations when constructive criticism is used as the faults are brought out in a positive light. It is important to know how to deliver it properly if you do not want to hurt the other person

How to give constructive criticism?

Giving constructive criticism can get tricky in the start but it gets easier later,

#1 pretend you deeply respect that person, this can help you create a more formal and less offensive atmosphere it is important to show that you respect their decision but you want to give your opinion. It will also be easier to give criticism to someone you respect, it helps you to be cordial with them.

#2 use the sandwich method, this method is super useful and while I was researching about this post I found this method on most of the sources. the sandwich method when you insert a positive thought between every feedback so it is easier to take the criticism if you end it with a positive thought. For example, “The event turned out really well but the staff was a slightly unfriendly. I really liked the theme you used though!

#3 stay composed and calm, it is important to stay in the right mindset and deliver this on the perfect occasion. plan your timings and deliver it when the person too, is not in a harried mood. Do not lose your calm even if you feel the opposite person is not taking your advice. Remember timing is everything!

#4 stick to the facts do not beat around the bush, it is better to get to the point we want them to take you seriously and thus it would be better to start from the the very beginning so it wouldn’t be difficult to change the atmosphere. Also remember to always use ‘I’ rather than ‘you’ because when you use it feels like you are pointing out the mistakes of the person

hopefully with these tips constructive criticism will be much easier to deliver!!

Destructive criticism:

Destructive criticism is designed to ridicule someone, cause harm, embarrass and harass. it often makes people feel miserable and attacked as they are continuously being subjected to purposeful and hateful criticism. It is best to avoid destructive criticism as much as possible. As the impact can be disturbing!

How to take destructive criticism?

#1 Disagree with them, if you can probably make out if its destructive criticism and that what the opposite person is saying is probably just to get you down then DISAGREE.

#2 ask them questions, ask them why they feel the way they do this would probably help clarifying the misunderstandings and probably allow you to figure out if it was really a problem on your side.

#3 Ignorance is bliss, if you realise that the criticism delivered by the person wasn’t helpful or isn’t worth getting worried about ignore it, the best way to deal with destructive criticism is to ignore.

With the we come to the end of the post, thank you for reading 🙂 and if you really found this helpful please leave a comment and like this post!