5 effective ways to study better📑

Hello ladies, gentlemen and my non binary friends, its Arwa @ the corner shop. Let us pretend I didnt write after a month:)Recently ive had lots of problems studying and concentrating without getting distracted. From trial and error ive realised a lot of about studying. Ideally I decided to share it with y’all, I hope it helps<3

  • Ambience: The atmosphere around you when you are studying is very very important. I personally dont prefer shutting the door as I feel suffocated. It is important to keep your study table (or whatever you study on) clear and clutter free. I recently decluttered my study area and made it less full of things and kept only what I needed.
  • Study in breaks: Almost all study guides dont encourage you to study for long periods of time(4-5hours) while studying is good it is important to make sure you dont ‘overstudy’. It can and will shatter your concentration, you will lose interest in studying and it will make you super tired all while you dont even absorb what you studied due to lack of interest/concentration. From personal experience I suggest you study for however long you want but take breaks every 1 or 2 hours!
  • Study smarter not harder: While rote learning proves effective for many (including me) its not the best method to study. As I graduated to higher grades I saw a drastic change in how the questions were asked, my rote learning proved ineffective in the last few years, as without understanding the subject at hand it was impossible for me to answer the questions. During this time I was compelled to change my method of studying and believe it or not studying just became more interesting for me when i actually understood the subject!
  • Utilise all study resources: If you’re aiming to score above average studying just from the book you’ve been given is not the most ideal method. Despite how much i’d like to say otherwise guidebooks and online quizzes have made a huge and noticeable difference when im studying! Its a great way to revise rather than reading my textbook and notes again and again:)
  • FOCUS ON YOURSELF: Finally, I cannot emphasise this enough, take care of yourself above all. Physical and mental health is super important if you want to get through these school years easily. Study regularly but also enjoy, dont stress over things that you find difficult to do instead work hard on finding a solution. Free yourself of negative thoughts and take care of your body. Just because its difficult doesnt mean you cant do it:)

Okay hi, here ends this post. The top five tips that helped me, and i hope they help you too. In the past month i decided to focus on myself and my mental health. My days are going productive and I also have an amazing sleep schedule (should i share it?) I’ve been very happy lately and I hope to better myself over the period of time.

How have you been? How’s your studying going? What are your views on the hype about Squid Game? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,

10 things that give me serotonin🧸

Hello ladies, gentlemen and my non-binary friends<3 I’m Arwa @ the corner shop. Welcome and I hope you’re having a good day. I’ve been thinking about this post for a VERY long time, well its finally here. I hope you love reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it:)

  • Fresh Sheets: This is the first thing I thought about, the crisp and fresh smell of the fresh ironed sheets just feel different!
  • Unexpected findings in the pocket of my clothes: I’ve often found some of the things ive lost in my jacket or trouser pockets, i sometimes also find items ive completely forgot about and on a lucky day i manage to find to money too!! Finding these things are a pleasant and welcome suprise:)
  • Crossing an item of my to-do list: Without doubt this gives me immense satisfaction, i usually prefer to keep a to-do list to organize my work and crossing an item off it gives me an unexplainable kind of happinesxD
  • Starting a new book: when im starting a new book i mainly feel excitement, there’s also a lot of adrenaline too lmao. Eager to know the characters briefly described in the synopsis and letting the fictional world take over the little amount of concentration I have left, starting a new book is definitely a happy feeling.
  • Good hair day: A good hair day immediately boosts up my self confidence. The condition of my hair often reflects my mood, frizzy or messy hair is usually when i have completely given up on how my hair looks and wont be in the best mood, mind you:)
  • Cycling around the city: Peculiarly i enjoy cycling around in my city’s jam packed traffic-y roads rather than cycling on empty roads. The atmosphere in the evening is just so lively as people are heading back home after a hard day of work, cycling around the city is literally one of my favourite things to do!!
  • Unhealthy amounts of sleep: No matter how late i sleep, waking up after 9:30 a.m is a rare feat for me. So, on those rare days when i DO wake up after 9:30 makes me so happyy:) ALSO the look on my parents’ face is very meme-worthy hahaha
  • Dancing in the rain: Just yesterday when i was down with my friends, it just started raining and on an impulse decision we decided to go out there and have fun, despite the fact that it was terribly cold we had a great time, therefore dancing in the rain made it to the list xD
here’s a picture;)

  • Writing poetry: writing poetry is therapy for me, i usually express the chaotic mess of emotions on the piece of paper in the form of poetry. It helps me remove my frustration and anger. Reading and writing poetry makes me feel calm and happy!!
  • Blogging<3: Blogging on ‘the corner shop’ has been a major highlight of my past year, thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey:)

Okayy here ends this post, how many of these can you relate to? What are the top 3 things that give YOU serotonin? Do you want a part 2? Did you enjoy this post? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

As always thanks for reading. Until we meet again, Ciao<3

Water you waiting for?⛲️

Morning ladies, gentlemen and my non binary friends, its Arwa @ the corner shop!

I dont know if the title gave away too much but here are some foolproof fun tips to stay hydrated, that i tried and they worked very well for me!! It is important however for you my dear reader to know why it is important for you to read on, let me start with the amazing benefits of this precious liquid💥

  • Relieves you of your fatigue: drinking water regularly has helped me reduce the lethargic and negative energy from my body, immediately making me super energetic and fresh! Dehydration had caused my body to be sleepy and lazy ALWAYS. I had chapped lips, dry skin and droopy eyes drinking water helped me immensely:)
  • Flushes out toxins: Drinking water helps you remove your toxin waste from your body in the form of urea. It will prevent the changes of kidney stones and other infections
  • Gives a happy glow to your skin: drinking sufficient water, gives a glow to your skin that makes you look fresh, healthy and rejuvenated. This is the most effective way to have good skin!!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard many of these before but if you have any signs of dehydration i suggest you read on water is extremely helpful to our body and im sure there are many more benefits than the ones i mentioned!!


  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty, previously whenever i felt thirsty i drank a glass of water however i realized that is wrong. It is important to drink water at regular intervals so the chances of you being thirsty are pretty low. Thirst is like a sign from your body that you’re lacking water in your system right? It shouldn’t come to that! You should be sufficiently hydrated at all times!!
  • Carry water with you wherever you go, i found this super useful!! Having a bottle with me reminds me to drink water regularly!!
  • A cute bottle😌, this is in relation to the previous point. If you find it difficult to carry water around everywhere start by investing in your dream bottle. I realize how this sounds but buying a new bottle really helped me drink water as i insisted on taking it literally everywhere because i loved it so much hahahahh
  • Add some spice, the fact that water is tasteless doesnt help in our quest to stay hydrated. I usually squeezed a few drops of lemon or orange in the water or added mint leaves which made drinking water so much more fun:)
  • Substituents of water, certain fruits like melon already have more than their fair share of water present in it. Eating these fruits (and vegetables) will also hydrate you equally!

Yaay you’ve reached the end:) I really hope these helped you and inspired you to drink more water!!! I really enjoyed writing this post!

Have you tried any of these tips? Do you think you are dehydrated? I would love to hear your thoughts

Until next time, Ciao<33

End of my uncalled hiatus+fresh content+announcements!!!!

Well helllooo, look who’s on your WP reader again, its Arwa @ the corner shop hehehe:))

*before we start can y’all appreciate how cute my featured images issss*

A lot of things happened while i was on my hiatus, a major highlight being our 100 followers, 500 likes and 1000 views milestone!!

My hiatus was very unexpected as i had lost the inspiration to write, last month i saw a LOT of bloggers going through writers block so maybe it was that time of the year💁‍♀️

I have a lot of posts lined up, i will now read all your posts, reply to your comments and messages and honestly there’s nothing else id rather do😌

My pre-mids results came out and i have to say i messed up my math exam, the idiom ‘overconfidence kills’ IS true, but i feel that this was an eye opener for me as im determined to work hard now!!

A lot of my posts lined up are self help tips, i think ill make that my main niche..?

Anywayyy, now for a few important announcementss✨

  • I am discontinuing my literary blog, ‘books and brownies’ previously called ‘crisp pages’ i will share my poetry and reviews right here itself!!!
  • Face reveallll, yes well kinda. Hear me out🤏 so i am making a private site, i will do my face reveal there. I will also share the daily happenings of my life and- oh and my birthday picturesss!!! i will approve the people who im familiar with on the blogosphere because im très insecure:)) i will share the blog link shortlyy yeee📈
  • Heads up, my next blog post is called ‘Water you waiting for?’ let your imagination run wildddd

Well yes thats it those were my important announcements, im so happy being back!! look forward to being back here (and also the private blog thingy😂)

Chat w me in the comments, What were your highlights of this month? What do you think my next post is about? i would love to hear your thoughts!!


Until next timeee

Gratitude and joy, something happened!!

hey everyone its Arwa @ the corner shop!!

Despite my extremely unproductive days I woke up to a 100 followers recently!!! I would like to thank all of you readers and fellow bloggers for making this happen💕

Expressing happiness is not my strong forte but I try, I feel immensely happy that we are now a 3 digit family, there are days where I feel like shutting away but the WP community always draws me back into its realms!!

the anticipation I feel with every post I write is unreal, I love reading your comments and interacting ALL of you, I love reading YOUR posts and love this peaceful and happy community on the internet which we bloggers have created!!

I cannot thank all of you enough, I look forward to many more years on the corner shop, you guys are the best😌✋

To my blogger friends and readers, thank you for reading what I have to say, my opinions and often cRazY thoughts:)))

Until next time,

Would you rather: Collab with Poorwa

hello everyone, welcome its Arwa @ the corner shop!! You’ve probably guessed this already,

me and Poorwa from Poorwa’s blog are going to be doing a ‘would you rather’ Collab✨

Its pretty simple Poorwa gave me 10 questions which ill answer here, while Poorwa answers my questions on her blog here.

do check her blog out, I absolutely love reading her posts, they are creative and super entertaining!!

(PS: if you are in WP reader you might want to read here for a better experience)

(her questions are in red while my answers in black)

Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?

I think id say foreign languages because im not VERY fond of animals, it would also look very good on my resume:)

Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?

Win the lottery for sure! I read somewhere that even if we could live for long it would be tiring and monotonous for many, so id rather not take the risk:)

Would you rather become someone else or just stay you?

Be me, no explanation needed🥰✋

Would you rather always say everything on your mind or never speak again?

uhm.. i WANT to talk of course but not eVeRything on my mind, that’d be a problem wouldn’t it ;’) I think I’ll never speak again! (good one Poorwa😂)

 Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery?

Camping!! Dont get me wrong a luxury hotel is pretty cool but getting a chance to camp in a place with beautiful scenery doesn’t come by often!

 Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone who talks incessantly?

Alone, im more of a solitary person and enjoy my company the best:)

 Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life?

while many will say that childhood is the most important part of ones life, im itching to reach the stage of adulthood where im independent and not relying on others for my needs, that’s why I think id be an adult my whole life!

Would you rather be proposed to in private or in front of family and friends?

oooh I think id love a proposal in front of my friends and family, it makes the whole thing so much more magical😍

 Would you rather be too busy or be bored?

I’d rather be tooo busy because at least I have something to do, something productive rather than just sitting around doing nothing, I loathe the feeling of boredom😂

Would you rather have the best house in a bad neighborhood or the worst house in a good neighbourhood?

The best house in a bad neighbourhood because living in a good neighbourhood is pointless if im not living comfortably right?

Aaand here end the questions, I hope you enjoyed reading them dont forget to check out Poorwa’s answers too!!

Thank you so much for the amazing questions, they were really difficult for me to answer hehe, I enjoyed writing my responses to them they were so creative!!

I hope y’all loved this Collab as much as I did<33

Do you agree with my answers, I would love to hear your thoughts!!

thank you once again Poorwa for agreeing to this Collab it was great fun!!

until we meet again, Ciao

Rainy thoughts and coffee pots☕️

hello ladies, gentlemen and my non binary friends its Arwa @ the corner shop, welcome!!

Where I live June is monsoon season and Im absolutely okay with that! Rainy seasons are the best seasons and I can argue with you about that for hours and hours. Some may say that rain is ‘depressing’ I would say it depends on your mood. Rain for me is curling up with a book and sitting outside with coffee.

As I write this its currently raining outside, I smelt it before I heard it the earthen and fresh smell of the soil before it rains Its pleasant and better than any perfumed fragrance you can think of. As the clouds turned grey I was expecting this shower, like I said earlier rain reflects my mood, today is going to be a depressing rain. I am not quite sure what I am exactly feeling but there’s definitely dread, hope and disappointment. A weird mix of emotions I agree!

As I trudge from my desk where I’m ‘supposed’ to be studying I go to make coffee. My dad as it happens to be is somewhat of a coffee connoisseur, but I stick to Robusta, a simple mixture which you can find almost anywhere. My father likes to roast and grind it himself and therefore the process of making Robusta in the coffee maker is almost effortless.

Due to the rain im also quite sleepy, this is also because of my abnormal sleep schedule which consists of staying up all night:)

I have recently been going through somewhat of a writer’s block, I have infinite post ideas but the motivation to write them seems to have been misplaced with procrastination and laziness. Today was different however the rain gave way to something in me as I spontaneously started writing this abandoning all the assignments I have, and I feel much better already!

The plants in my terrace are swaying heavily with the breeze as water droplets fall on me through the window, I immediately feel rejuvenated! A beep from the kitchen indicated that my coffee was done as the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the house I cut myself a slice of the banana walnut cake I baked and take the coffee to the terrace.

As I arrange blankets and sofas in an utterly incomprehensible way such that I have a nice cushiony mess that would prevent me from getting drenched. I take back what I said this was definitely NOT a depressing rain.

To go with the mood I start writing poetry, something which helps me relax me as I try to put EVERYTHING I am feeling, the complex mix of emotions onto my journal.

As the bitter coffee makes way into food pipe, I feel at peace.

As the sound of rain vibrates through my eardrum, I feel ecstatic.

As I write this, I see clearly. The fog of doubt has cleared. I feel valid and I feel productive.

I finish my coffee and my poem as the rain is beginning to stop as the clouds clear away giving way to a clear sky, the day full of opportunities, I go inside and start my assignments once again but this time with a determination to make the best out of it!

Until next time,

Happy Pride Month🏳️‍🌈

Good morning ladies, gentlemen and non-binary friends!!

‼️I’m going to address issues regarding the lgbtq+ community if you feel uncomfortable regarding this topic, you can skip this post:)‼️

As most of you probably know June is know as the ‘Pride Month’ and for those of you who dont know pride refers to the queer or LGBTQ+ community which stands for lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and other people of diverse sexuality!

Pride month every year is celebrated in June to honour the stonewall riots. As the community comes together to oppose the stigma attached to them. I am not part of their community but I fully support them and feel that regardless of their sexuality everyone has a right to live!

Our country is cruel and harsh when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community but we are making progress towards making our country more open minded to the possibility that there is more to love than gender! I dont know what much I can do to help the community but I certainly try!

Of course, some do not support this community and it okay only until they keep these opinions to themselves, using derogatory terms, creating a stigma around them and subjecting them to shame is NOT OKAY, we must work towards making them feel liberated and free rather than being critical about them!

I’ve also come across many men (women may have too, but ive never had the opportunity to witness it) use ‘gay’ as a slur or an insult, they try to prove their masculinity by questioning others this is known as toxic masculinity. Gay is their identity, its a part of their personality it is NOT a joke or an insult and please do not use it as such!

I just wanted to address these issues because they really unhinge me!

Happy Pride Month to all my queer friends out there! You are valid and your opinions matter, ily’all✨

P.S this post was supposed to be published on June 10th but it took me 10 days to add a featured image and tags, thank you procrastination:)

Tags and Awards🎊

Hey everyone hope you’re having the bestttt day! i’m Arwa @ the corner shop.

I decided to overcome my procrastination and am doing awards and tags that I got nominated for!!


Thank you so much Poorwa for nominating me! She is really sweet and has an amazing blog which you definitely should check out here🙂 Lets get started shall we?


  • Display the award logo on your blog 
  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award 
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog 
  • Answer 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you 
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself 
  • Share a link to your best post 
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers and notify them that they are nominated 
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question 
  • Continue the chain!!


  1. I am a ‘people pleaser’ i.e I will often go out of my way to please others
  2. I’m very self conscious and very very self obsessed:)
  3. I have a sweet tooth!


My post 4 Podcasts that you NEED to hear 🎧 has received the best response so far and I thank everyone who’s taken their time to read, like and comment on it😌


What’s your favorite thing you own?

Its definitely my laptop! My entire social life depends on it😂

Who was the last person who made you cry and why?

Did I mention that I am very sensitive and tend to cry at even the smallest of things:) The last person who made me cry was my dad because he teasing me about my height😂

Do you have any regrets?

Surprisingly no! i feel that im very stubborn and do everything I want to! So I dont have any significant regrets that I can remember of, which I think is a good thing…..?

When have you felt the proudest?

okay wow, if I think about it, I haven’t felt very ‘proud’ for a long time, but something which I won’t ever forget was when I was the head girl of my school 3 years ago it was a proud moment for me and my family:)

What was the moment that made you laugh the hardest in your life?

I love this question!!! I dont laugh a lot honestly speaking, but my ‘laughing very hard’ moments usually come when I’m laughing with someone and even though they are for the stupidest of things, I laugh a lot because of the other person’s laugh, its like I’m triggered by their laugh to laugh more😂 As far as I remember I laughed a lot when me and my friends just decided to take a power nap and one of them fell from the bed and didn’t bother getting up, she just slept down on the rug😂 (UPDATE: I read that again and its not funny, I dont understand why we laughed so much✋)


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And You! Just link back to this post so I am notified that you have done it!


  1. What was the last thing you ate?
  2. Who do you look up to the most?
  3. What is your guilty pleasure?
  4. If you had to go anywhere in the world where would it be?
  5. How would YOU define beautiful?

Next up is the OITR Tag!!!

Okay so for those who dont know I’m part of a Collab blog called Out in The Randomness along with 3 other amazing bloggers! As part of our 100 followers celebration we created our own tag which I’m going to do! The point of this tag is to ask yourself questions which you want people to ask you but they havent😂You can find the post here. Thank you Maya for the nomination:))


  • Thank the person that nominated you, and add a link to their post!
  • Add a link to the original post!
  • Ask YOURSELF 5 questions to answer!
  • Why are you so amazing?
  • Nominate as many people as you want!


If I had one superpower what would it be?

Oooh great question😂 It would be invisibility fosho! Imagine the look on people’s faces when they find everything magically disappearing.

What would make the world a better place according to you?

I think small acts of kindness and understanding will make the world a better place, it may not be much to you but to the receiver it would mean the world!

What is one thing you dislike?

Jealousy. I’m not going to lie of course ive been jealous before, a lot ofttimes! But it isn’t something I like, when im jealous of someone or something im filled with a lot of negativity and I utterly despise that!

What is something that would make you happy?

BOOKS, books and BoOkS! They are the best gift I could ever receive, books can never go wrong for me as I have never ever come across a ‘bad’ book, they are literally my most favourite thing in the world!

If you change one thing in your life what would it be?

My eye power!!! I have mentioned this many times before, I have very weak eyes therefore I have a very high eye power, which means I have to control my screen time else I’ll unable to do laser surgery when I’m 18 and it is very inconvenient because right now ALL my work happens online, so what I want the most right now is for my restrictions on screen time to be abolished!


Wellll, *looks sheepish*

while I do Agree that I am amazing after 15 minutes of thinking im still not able to figure out why, is it because of my amazing personality or my cool sense of humour or my easygoing attitude or my-oOps I think that’s enough self love for today:)


All OITR followers anyone who follows OITR is eligible to do this super fun tag, so what are you waiting for?🥳🤩😂

Aaanddd finally we have ‘The 3 Bookish Things tag’ for which I was nominated by Inaya, thank you so much Inaya, you can check out her post here

3 Read once and loved authors

Laura Steven, Jill Steeples and Tricia Sterling I loved reading their books even though id I only read one!

3 titles ive watched but not read

To all the boys I’ve loved before, Shadow and Bone and The Chronicles of Narnia, I rarely ever watch the movie first but these three make the exception

3 series I’ve binged

Harry Potter, Harry Potter and Harry Potter:))

3 Characters I love

Kaz Brekker, Julian Blackthorn and Roën!!!!!

3 current favourite covers

The exact opposite of okay by Laura Steven, The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and Turtles all the way down by John Green

3 things you have used as book marks

braided thread:), polaroid picture, magazine cutouts

3 favourite authors

Khaled Hosseini, Cassandra Clare, Victoria Aveyard

3 unpopular bookish opinions

Some movies are better than books

Read-a-thons aren’t that nice, it is important to enjoy and read

A lot of characters in books are actually fun to read!

3 book goals for next year

try reading classics (I generally dont)

join a book club

keep a written record of all the book im reading!


Anyone with a love for books! just link this post to your post so I am notified:)

WHEW, we are done! That was a looongg post thank you so much for sticking around till the end<3

until next time, ciao;))

Bonjour June🌦

Hey guys welcome, its Arwa @ the corner shop!

I can’t believe its June already, and there’s just a month left for my birthdayyy🎊 May went by really quick and honestly it was a pretty good month!

My holidays started in may and are going to end next week:// But these were one of the most productive holidays ive had so far!! I had quite a lot of holiday homework which im almost done with, i also learnt embroidery and read quite a lot of books this month! I made 5 new friends today (Irl) and no cap that’s kind of a big accomplishment considering how big of an introvert I am😂

This month was a very important month for the growth of my blog, if you look at my archives the maximum ive written is 4 posts a month, usually it was just 1 or 2! Last month I wrote a whooping 7 posts🥳 I had taken a very very big and uncalled hiatus from January to April and I just lost interest in blogging, May was my comeback month and I did wayyy better that I expected to, im also lOvIng blogging and its become a part of my life now, so if you ever lose interest in blogging just remember that maybe you can try it a few months later, im sure you’ll love it!!

Unfortunately for me my screen time was a little toooo much this year and that’s not good for my eyes because I have very high eye power! I also wrote my first ever Collab post, and more are going to come soon but im just out of ideas so if you do have any please let me know:)

My goals for this month:

  • Cut down on screen time
  • blog consistently
  • Be up to date on all my studies
  • Write more poetry
  • Learn something new:)
  • Be active on my Pinterest ( I have a Pinterest but I won’t share the link until I add up some content!!)

Books ive read last month:

  • Hippie by Paulo Coelho
  • Six of Crows (duology) by Leigh Bardugo
  • Nevernight (trilogy) by Jay Kristoff

Posts I’ve written last month:

I also released by book blog ‘Books and Brownies’ last month so overall this was a good and productive month, and I hope for the same this month:)

P.S This blog is open for collabs and guest posts so dont hesitate reach out to me via my ‘Contact’ page.

How was your month? Did you accomplish all your goals for the month? I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Until next time, as always thank you for reading<3 Ciao;)

Confidence is your greatest armour!

Heyy welcome, this is Arwa @ the corner shop! I hope you’re having the best day!!

Before we start I just wanted to say that yesterday I got this notification saying its been a year since I registered on WordPress, so I was like blogversary!!!

But no, I wrote my first post on September 14th so cross that out:)

This was a weird intro, but I have a very non-weird topic for today’s post, its ✨confidence✨

By confidence I mainly mean self confidence, how many times have we not spoken up because we weren’t ‘sure’ or because we were ‘shy’. Now dont get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with being shy but there’s wrong in not doing something because you are scared of what others think i.e you lack self confidence my friend.

When you are confidence your self worth increases, the respect you have for yourself increases and therefore you become happier. This sounds like a very simple 1+1=2 concept but the bitter truth is that its not so simple,

Speaking from personal experience instilling self confidence is not that easy, but it is if you really put your mind to it. Below are certain reasons why you should!

  • Confidence takes over your anxiety, because anxiety is basically nervousness and worry, if you are confident about something there isn’t place for doubt!
  • Confidence is contagious, if you are very sure about something it will reassure others to be to, it will motivate them and hence it does not only benefit you but everyone around you!
  • Confidence will rid you of the social tension, if you are like me then being in social gatherings and interacting with people if often a task. There are constant thoughts like, ‘do I look okay?’ ‘Did I smile at her?’ ‘did I offend him?’ and many more😂 But when I am confident I dont feel doubt because I am sure that what I am doing is right, and therefore I can also enjoy!!
  • Amazing sleep, out of all this one is probably my favourite, because I can sleep a much more peaceful sleep because like I Said earlier there is no fear of doing wrong nor is there that ever persisting anxiety tugging at me:)

Surround yourself with people you love, assure and comfort yourself! Set your goals one at a time but dont forget to follow them! It is important not to compare yourself and make the right decisions during the process. Dont push yourself to be the best because everyone is imperfect one way or the other, of course being completely confident is going to take time, but if you are patient it is achievable and Im sure you’ll love the confident new you!!

By following these few steps my confidence just went📈 I freed myself from negative thoughts and had the strength to overcome any obstacle that dare came my way and therefore with 100% confidence I can say that confidence is your greatest armour!!

Okay guys this is it, I hope I could help inspire you:) Before you go I also wanted welcome Ben from ‘a different dimension’ to the WordPress community, please do give his blog a visit!!

That’s all for today, have you experienced lack of self esteem? Did this post help you? I would love to hear your thought!

As always thank you for reading<3, till we meet again, ciao:))

Book Review: Odd One Out by Nic Stone

Hi everyone, made ‘Crisp Pages’ a book blog, its called ‘Books And Brownies’ do give it a visit, if you are a fellow bookworm!
Have a great day♡

Books and brownies

Hey everyone this is Arwa @ Books and Brownies, you are probably very confused right now, this blog was originally called the ‘Crisp Pages’ which was my poetry blog, but now its mainly a book blog and I have made changes in the layout etc. so hi!

Odd One Out by Nic Stone caught my eye as I had previously read ‘Dear Martin’ by him and it addressed racial inequality, a topic which intrigues. I absolutely loved that book a and therefore wanted to read more of his work. Did this book cross the line of expectations? Stick around until the end:)


Courtney “Coop” Cooper
Dumped. Again. And normally I wouldn’t mind. But right now, my best friend and source of solace, Jupiter Sanchez, is ignoring me to text some girl.

Rae Evelyn Chin
I assumed “new girl” would be synonymous with “pariah,” but Jupiter and Courtney make me…

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Vintage Aesthetic🗝

Hey everyone hope you are having a great day/night, this is Arwa @ the corner shop! I’m back with another post ✨Vintage Aesthetic✨

Out of all the aesthetics, vintage is literally my favourite, for those of you who dont know Aesthetic is a type of fashion that people would describe as as pleasing to look at. However, I would say that this kind of fashion is bold, eccentric and probably would have been in trend years ago

It includes jewellery, photography and clothes and even furniture but mainly focuses on clothing. It focuses on the 2000’s and goes on backwards till the 1890’s this includes victorian and flapper dresses (to live in that timeee😍😍).

I dont own a lot of vintage pieces but I have 3 which I found on an online thrift store, in the past many looked down upon thrift store pieces because it displayed ‘lack of wealth or social status in society’ but right now they’re the new hottest thing and the demand for thrift store pieces have shot up, guess the saying ‘old is gold’ doesn’t lie:)

They have an old or rustic effect for example distressed or washed up fabric whose demand blew up in these past years. This trend was appreciated by most of the population including the usually disapproving senior citizen (sorry not sorry:) because it bought out ‘nostalgic‘ memories for them

Now a vintage photo is something grainy or something that has a LOT of exposure which demonstrates that these were clicked by a old camera. It has Low resolution and warmer tones for example a photo taken by an instant camera like a Polaroid sure gives the vintage aesthetic feelzzz

After this came the retro style which usually has lots of bright colours in the 40’s – 60’s like bellbottoms, woollen skirts, reptile handbags, pearls, bohemian style flowy shirts and skirts and thigh hight boots

Baggy clothes with rock bands, gold chain or chokers are also part of this aesthetic.

Okay guys so this is I, this was a really fun post and I loved writing about it, do y’all know anything else about vintage fashion? Should I do a series on the different kinds of aesthetic? I would love to hear your thoughts!!

I hope you enjoyed reading as this is one of my favourite topics to talk about:)As always thanks you for reading🤍 till we meet again ciao;))

4 Podcasts that you NEED to hear 🎧

Hey guys, welcome its Arwa @ the corner shop!

Today’s post is about pOdCasts✨

So I recently started listening to podcasts and now they’re part of my daily routine. You have a lot of different genres you can chose from, depending on what you like, is almost like an audio book!

I use apple podcasts to listen to them but you can use Spotify and google podcasts too. Ideally I decided to share my top 4 favourite ones out of all the ones I heard, if you haven’t heard podcasts until now, I hope this post inspires you to do so. I’m sure you won’t regret it!!

I mainly like 2 genres thriller and comedy (I know the contrast between them is just-😂) so here I have 2 of thriller and 2 of comedy:) All of them are fiction, if you prefer non-fiction like talk shows let me know I could recommend a few!


Lydia is a young, successful woman. Successful only because of soft voice who resides in Lydia’s head, constant advice and do’s and don’ts from soft voice is the deceitful secret behind Lydia’s success and unrealistic perfection. but one day soft voice disappears and instead comes ‘Dark voice’ (*cue mic drop*)

This dark thriller is one of its kind and keeps you wanting for more, I was completely hooked to this show until the end!


This comedy show is just something to lighten up your day. Actress Felicity is in jail because of her involvement in a college scandal. As she serves 14 days she manages to smuggle her phone in to ‘stay in touch’. Join her as she tRiEs to make amends and discover herself in these 14 days!

This show made me smile at her quirky and unloving nature as she doesn’t let anything ruin her day, would 100% recommend!!


This is another thrillerrr! This 10 episode podcast will keep you brimming in anticipation as you try to uncover its mystery hehe! Danny returns back 8 years after her mysterious disappearance, several questions arise from her friend Rebecca, who she choses to visit rather than visiting her parents first. How will this not-so-pleasant reunion turn out?



This comedy podcast is about the misadventures of a wannabe actress Kitty (now Carlotta) but the world is hell bent on preventing her from becoming one. As she jumps and rolls through the never ending obstacle of becoming fAmOus this podcasts will never fail to amaze you!

Give it a watch as she becomes your next best favourite character!

Okay guys so this is it! All these reviews are mine and haven’t been copied from the original synopsis FYI:)

I was really excited about writing this post, as I binged these straight up for a week {would 100% recommend against it though:)}

I hope I could help you develop an interest about podcasts! Have you heard any of these? are you going to? Do you have a podcasts? I would love to hear your thoughts!

until we meet next time, Ciao!

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Two perspective book review- Collab With Maith!

Hey everyone, welcome! This is Arwa @ the corner shop. Today i’m here with my first ever Collab with Maith from Jovial Pages! Do check out her blog here she’s an amazing blogger and has a wonderful feed! Below is Maith’s book review and mine is at her blog, do go check it out!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - IMDb
picture imdb

Hey everyone! This is Maith from Jovial Pages and I am so excited to be doing this collab with Arwa! She reached out to me for a collaboration which involves something we both love- Books! So, we decided to do a two-sided review of the book- ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ written by Stephen Chbosky. Her review is back at my blog and here is mine!

So, I recently got interested in young adult literature after reading all the John Green books. I really enjoyed his contemporary writing and the simple message the books convey. I was looking for more such books and that is when I found ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower.’ From the minute I turned open the cover, the words of the author have been lingering around my brain.

Charlie is the protagonist. A reclusive teenager who has been deeply impacted by his best friend’s suicide and his aunt’s death. Now he has been forced to make it through high school. Charlie tries to fight back all the deep spiraling thoughts running through his mind by writing letters to a ‘Friend.’

At school, Charlie finds a friend and mentor in his English teacher, Bill. He also tries to overcome his irrational shyness and approaches a classmate, Patrick, who, along with his stepsister Sam, become two of Charlie’s BFFs. Through his reckless buddies, Charlie leaps into the real world through misadventures that refigure his somewhat distant past and learns a dark secret.

Charlie is observant and honest to himself. He constantly tries to come out of his bubble, even though it is excruciating. His letters are insightful and filled with hope that he instills in himself. Though he goes through flickers of angst, doubt, hatred towards authority, sorrow just like a normal teenager, at the end, he still has a faded smile.

There are many aspects that can be a little ‘much,’ uncomfortable or not worth mentioning yet the lovely POV carried by the enigmatic novel adds to the intrigue of Charlie. At some moments, I couldn’t but feel pity for Charlie seeing how faint his family were, to him especially. His ‘friend’ definitely gave him warmth.

Sam and Patrick are the perfect chums. Their outgoing charisma totally counterbalances Charlie’s eeriness and make their small group wholesome! Sam and Patrick pushing, Charlie pulling; simply perfect.

The one facet of books I find fascinating is the conciseness of language. The more complicated it becomes; the true color of the book is lost. Stephen Chbosky conserved its potential by keeping it poignant yet vanilla. This captivated me even more.

Now, as I mentioned previously, some topics were way to harsh for me personally. But it wasn’t overwhelming. The book is filled to the brim with emotions that will drown you in profound thought. It will get you thinking about the good things and what really matters in life.

Just as Charlie said:

“We are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose wherever we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”

This book is yearning for the past, whilst also looking forward to the days to come. Thank you, Charlie, for making me feel ecstatic about life.
I give it 4.5 stars.

Okay guys so here ends her review, hope you enjoyed reading it! Go check out her blog Jovial Pages where you can find my review on the book!

Thank you so much Maith! This was really fun!

hope y’all enjoyed both the reviews, do let me know your thoughts, and dont forget to like this post:)

Until next time, Ciao<3










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Beautiful is not a size💁‍♀️

Hey guys its Arwa @ the corner shop, welcomeeee.

So today I want to discuss stereotypical misconceptions regarding the term ‘beautiful’

Beautiful is a mindset. Beautiful is an expression. Beautiful is a compliment. But beautiful is NOT a size.

It is wrong to classify someone ‘beautiful’ because of their BODY TYPE. Oxford dictionary defines beautiful as: having beauty; pleasing to the senses or to the mind. I am really confused to how this has any thing to do with our weight or body shape. Society often demands us to bow down to stereotypical beautiful standards- an hourglass figure, a heart shape face, bow lips etc. And those who not fit into these ideal beauty standards are often body shamed.

A major problem is that media often shows people with these ‘so called’ ideal beauty standards and people usually appreciate celebrities because of their looks. In a world where technology is the key to success I believe we should stop and think, because no one is perfect even if their feed is otherwise, filters and photoshop are highly deceptive and though they make us look better we dont learn to face ourselves and often point out our insecurities.

From our childhood we have been seeing that our dolls and Disney princesses and characters in cartoons have tiny waists, slender arms etc. And someone who isn’t that way isn’t often portrayed in a negative character. As the new generation I feel we must start breaking this stereotype.

so guys I just want to say that your jean size or your shirt size isn’t what makes you beautiful, all of us are beautiful in our own way, we must accept ourselves and break these stereotypes. The word beautiful is a spectrum. And beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


Okay so you reached the end hehe. But before I end this post I just want to clarify that despite the fact we must embrace our body, it is completely okay if someone isn’t happy with their body and wants to be fitter. you shouldn’t however be compelled to lose weight to be accepted in society or be more like others, rather do it because you want to or because it makes you feel better!

I also asked a few friends of mine on instagram on how they define ‘beautfiul’ however I was not able to share their answers:///

P.S: picture from google

anyway here ends this post, I hope it helped you! It would be great if y’all reblog it so we can spread the message together<33 thank you for reading, till we meet again, Ciao;)

The weight of a decision𐄷

Hey guys its Arwa @ the corner shop. I’m back with another value post. Today i want to talk about how making certain life changing choices causes stress on us, how to deal with it and how to make the most right choice of them all.

A very prominent and relatable example of making a life changing choice is choosing a career. Whilst choosing a career we are faced with a lot of societal, peer and financial problems. You may wanna choose an unconvential job or one that your parents do not approve of. Your job may also not provide stable financial means.

Such are a few problems that we may face. Now since there is a lot on our plate we first have to organise our thoughts and start from there.


its is important to get all your doubts and thoughts and write them down that will definitely help you get a better grip of the situation and allows you to understand what you want.


You may think that your decision is right for you, but you may have to look around and see if it benefits others, your decision (according to the circumstances) should not be a selfish and harmful one. Your final decision should also not be a right choice you want to make but should be a right choice you need to make, something that is beneficial to your and interest but should not be causing harm to others in the process.


okay this one’s very important, while making a decision it is important not to overthink the decision and continually think about it, this may lead to puncturing several doubts into your final decision which you have been very confident and sure about in the start!


it is pointless to regret what you have done, hopefully with these tips decision making may be easier but if yet a wrong decision is made then there’s isn’t a single thing you can do about it other than learn from your mistakes, so you shouldn’t regret and grieve the impact of the wrong choice rather take care in your next time.

Okay guys the is pretty much it, if this helps/helped you please do let me know.

if you enjoyed reading this post do like and leave a comment. As always thanks for reading ❤ till we meet again Ciao 😉

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I’m back!

hey everyone its arwa @ the corner shop, first things first I have been AWOL since more than 3 months I suppose but im back now. I feel I needed this break to reconnect with myself and go through redemption in the past year there were a lot of things I regret about and things would have turned out so differently if only I would have time to think and reconnect with myself. blogging on corner shop has been a major highlight of my past year and it has turned out better than I would have ever hoped for.

the past year has played a major part on the development of me as a person. Every year, every month we change, adapt and develop. every year we change a little and look back on our previous selves with a little bit of sorrow and second hand embarrassment and it would be the same for 2020.

I hope that this year would also be a fruitful and awesome year for me as 2020 was, I hope I meet as many great people as I met this year, try to improve my personality and focus on this blog.

life isn’t as tough as we make it. survive, the key to life is to survive grow through the cracks of walls like wildflowers and bloom into beautiful beings, spread happiness and positivity THAT is the key to life, embrace your imperfections and accept your difficulties. Become comfortable in your skin, you may have heard this before but you are unique and you are special.


since im back on the wagon, be ready for posts every Wednesday or Thursday like usual;)

thanks for reading, till we meet again, ciao ❤

Something Bookish🦋

hey its Arwa, welcome to the corner shop. I realised despite my dynamic love for books and literature, I haven’t done any bookish posts till now so letss goo

so I wasn’t completely sure what I would be doing because reviews aren’t exactly my thing but okayy

ps: book cover pictures are from good reads

1, What im reading,

Dear Martin (Dear Martin, #1)

im reading ‘Dear Martin’ by Nic Stone. quick history, I bought this book because I read another book of this ‘odd one out’ I loved his way of writing and am intrigued by the topic of discussion – racial inequality.

2, What I’ll read next

Big Little Lies

I’ve been keen on reading this book for a long time but I delayed it, waiting for the right moment hehe 😉 this book is about murder, and revolves around mothers. it is supposed to be a balance between murder and comedy. sounds fun already:)

3, What I read before ‘Dear Martin’

The Kite Runner

this book is the best one ive read so far and Im not kidding! usually I dislike rating books as it is often a tough decision, but I feel this is it, my favourite book so far! there are some books when you think and feel a change or something different when you finish the book. this book is one of them. it revolves around 2 young boys, one from a wealthy background, another not. it highlights their unbreakable bond and the truths they unravel as they grow up and the problems they face. this book is heavy with emotion and a must read for anyone who has an interest in books!

Bookish discussion!

of course this post doesn’t end here, I wanted to have this discussion for a long time,

Ebook vs print

kindles have really become a thing these days, with the prices cut lower than the paperback and availability of is much more easier, the collection diverse and kindle being compact and easier to carry around people surely prefer this bliss of a digital library. however the print media is suffering great losses, while many (*raises hand*) still prefers paperback and hardcover over the ebook for various reasons most common being the’ feel’ and the lack of awareness of online transactions etc. Eyesight is another problem (which implies to me here) despite kindle’s book like structure where it is not possible to read ebooks in the dark, it is advisable not to use kindle, many people argue about this but I chose not to take a risk 😉

What do you think?

BOOKS: boon or bane?

I know a few people would kill me if I this but I feel they are a bane too-


#1 I get very easily distracted and thereby im not able to *focus* on other work like studies and classes.

#2 excessive reading makes my head hurt and my eyes teary

#3 I become a couch potato 😉 I dont help in any work and prefer to sit and read in a corner (teehee)

#4 my posture is ruined, because I can’t keep in check my posture when read cause im usually ‘lost’ in the book.


I think you know it all, they are the best, they put my mind off something I dont want to think about, they help me, they entertain me, they take me to another world even though im actually stuck at home, they replace television for me most of the times and is much more better to the eye than television, they- I think you got the point though.

what do you think?

Anyway that was it thank you for reading ❤ if you liked this post, do like it and leave a comment! till we meet again ciao 😉

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You need a social media break and here’s why + awards!

hey its Arwa, welcome to the corner shop today we’re going to be talking about social media and why you need a break , this time FOR REAL!

why do you need a break?

#1 you feel anxiety when you’re not on social media, often when you or for that matter me feel anxiety of separation or missing out because you are not scrolling through posts or typing tweets. but do you actually realise that if you don’t scroll through posts or type tweets life isn’t going to stop, if you spend a little time on real life rather than online it wouldn’t kill:)

#2 you can’t put down the phone even when you’re with people, this has happened to me all the time. It was so difficult for me to put down my device as I believed social media was more fun. this led my friends and others around me too to think it was okay to scroll through their phone while having live company right near them. after my social media break I took it to keep my device aside and focus on my friends and guess what, its so much more fun!

#3 its the only thing on your mind, and you start comparing. it makes you feel insecure but its important to remember that everyone’s lives get messy despite how their feed looks like, upside downs are a part of life. and if any of these are a part of your lives then you DEFINITELY need a break!!

How is a social media break going to help you?

when you’re off social media you get to focus on other things like I got to focus on poetry (which you can read here ) you can focus on your hobbies, studies, friends etc. you can actually go down and interact with people and make new friends! It stops me from scrolling aimlessly, and I can use this time to be more productive. I can actually sleep earlier and wake up fresher as there are no distractions. Its almost like a burden has been lifted of your shoulders.


okay so today im going to be awards which I procrastinated about and never got about to do them 🙂


The Rules

  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (Click here to see the original post!!
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

First, thank you so much Addie @ shining star for the nomination please go do check out her blog! here are her questions:

1, If you could live on a different planet than Earth, which one would you live on? Why?

I think it would be Neptune, probably because it looks so beautiful from outside you know all swoon shades of blue! it would be like living in a mystical land haha

2, If you had one wish, what would it be for?

so if you don’t know already I have very high eye power and it makes it difficult for me to watch television or any sort of screen for a long time. so id probably want my power to reduce

3, What is one unique thing about yourself?

I think its probably that im approachable and easy to talk to:) I think I have fairly good communicative skills!

4, Would you rather own an island or a city?

of course an island! I live in the city so would love the former more! I love the idea of living in an island with water around! Islands are always a favourite of mine because im fond of water bodies I just love them hehe!

5, Would you rather become a musical artist or comedian?

ok that’s a tough one, so I think I prefer musical artist. because I recently read a book about music and its rich culture, heritage etc. and its so interesting, I would definitely want to be a part of that enriching history lol

6, What book have you read the most times through?

so I’m really fond of strong female characters in books like in the ‘Red Queen’ series so I have read it the most times through that is 3 (I usually despise re-reading books)

7, If you had to remove something from your life for a year, what would it be?

wow that’s interesting, id probably remove negativity from my life all year! it would make the year soo much better haha

Once again thank you Addie for the nomination and interesting questions, it was great fun answering them! now for my questions:

  1. if you had to read one book for the rest of your life which one would it be?
  2. would you rather be an author or a public speaker?
  3. who is your role model and why?
  4. what is one question you have the most difficulty in answering?
  5. what do you aspire to be in future?
  6. how do you think the world can be a better place?
  7. how would you define yourself in 3 words?

so these are my questions and I nominate,

Roshni @ Roshni’s random thoughts

Evin @ a curly sue’s rambling

Zainab @ Zainab chats

Shanessa @ my days in montana

Bookish thinker @ paper hearts


Lrose5 and evin @ out in the randomness

Maggie @ Maggie’s doodles


Esther @ Esther’s nook

okay so that is it and this post is getting a lil too long so bye,

also my button swap page is up let me know if you’d like to swap!

thanks for reading ❤ till we meet again ciao 😉

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3 ultimate tips to start with decluttering✨

Hey it’s Arwa welcome back to the corner shop. Today I would like to talk about decluttering. I feel it is important to clear out all the junk that accumulates over the period of time. Give it a go I’m sure you’ll start loving the process (*experience*)

#1 Catergorize

for a smooth and easy decluttering experience it is important to segregate your stuff for example you can keep five boxes, keep, give away, trash, relocate. this may take a while but it makes your work easier when it comes to final arranging.

#2 Take your time

it is very important to take your time and do it slowly without a rush. this helps us to be more focused on what we are doing as there isnt a rush to clear out! when i started decluttering i was in a little rush to clear out things and that messed up certain sections and i ended up mixing the categories a little

#3 Go room by room and dont hesitate to take help!

like i said earlier break it down to make it easier. Do not take all of the rooms together that would just mix everything. Doing room by room also gives you a sense of accomplishment as the house looks cleaner and cleaner rather all messy at once! dont also forget to reach out to a friend, the process becomes easier and more fun with a friend it becomes something to look forward to!

why declutter?

while i finished writing the points i realized i forgot to tell you why decluttering is beneficial. So here’s why

There is less to clean and less to organize. decluttering makes it less stressful to look at your house free of mess 🙂

Anyway that was it thank you for reading ❤ if you liked this do like and leave a comment! till we meet again ciao 😉

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Kabini: Nature at its best :)

hey it’s Arwa welcome back to the corner shop! This post is going to be about my recent rendezvous to Kabini. For those of you who don’t know Kabini is a forest reserve kinda place in India specifically in Karnataka and a 5 hour drive from where I live.

Our impromptu journey consisting of 2 families including us and began at 6:30 am and our first stop was for breakfast of muffins, samosas and hot tea! the road trip was pleasant enough with perfect weather and time flew by 😉 We reached at 12 considering the breaks we took, and checked in to our hotel- The Serai

After a scrumptious lunch we opted for a safari hoping to see a big cat live but luck didn’t favour us. however its a thrill seeing a majestic tiger in front of you in a cage but the beauty of seeing it roaming freely is a whole new vibe. we however did see several spotted deer, Sambar and tuskers along with a few species of exquisite birds (pictures below)

we came back after sunset and then took turns taking a shower and prepared ourselves for dinner. After dinner we decided to take a walk around the property and digest the food.

the next day our parents planned a spa for themselves, my dad stayed back and took us for a kayak ride in the lake facing our room. It was a first time experience for me and I enjoyed myself among the cool water. After finishing our ride we decided to try our hands on several sports like table tennis, billiards, carrom etc.

Just then the parents came back from their relaxation session and we decided to have lunch once we reached our room and rested for a while. well, during that time my dad decided to try sitting on the hammock and as he covered his eyes to shield them from the sun he called upon my brother to swing him gently. My brother who was younger than me called his friends and they started pushing the hammock in a rather aggressive way id like to say and the result was that my father fell from the hammock actually let me rephrase it the hammock fell from its pole. The injury was somewhat serious as we decided to give him little rest and moved for lunch in solemnity!

after dinner we cycled around the property and then waited near the lake to view the sunset and it truly was magnificent as the colours merged and played with each other I was spellbound! we later had dinner and packed for the next day to leave.

Picture of the sunset

Anyway that was it thank you for reading ❤ if you liked this do like and leave a comment! till we meet again ciao 😉

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Is regret a good feeling and well, some other announcements

hey hey its Arwa welcome to the corner shop! so firstly I have a few announcements to make well nothing big ( did I crush your expectations?😂) but nonetheless they are important!!

I am going to announce my blogging schedule (*drumroll please) so I’m going to post weekly as In once every week and it’ll be on a WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY! Stay tuned for a new post every Wednesday!!!

next I would proudly like to announce that I have put my brain to good use and… my poems are published here so goo and check them out, more will be coming 😉 and let me know if you did, which one you liked the best

And finally I’m going to post a button swap page along with printables with every post ❤ !!! and that’s not it I am also planning to start blog help page or a blog designing page!!

Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on Pexels.com

Okay now without any delay lets go back to the topic:


Yes it is of course what were you thinking?!

#1 when you regret something you have done go through self assessment and self assessment brings acceptance of the situation.

#2 acceptance in turn brings remorse which allows us to make amends and apologise if needed.

#3 and if you remember how regret feels (it feels pretty bad let me tell you) then it will stop you from doing certain things that you may regret.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading ❤ if you found this helpful do like and leave a comment! till we meet again. CIAO! 😉